Atiqul Islam is renowned as a businessman who swam against the current to achieve his success. But while he is known for his leadership and contribution to the readymade garments sector, he has also consistently led a strong hand in sports and social activities. Having dedicated himself to work that benefits people and society, Atiqul Islam has cultivated a vision for what the capital Dhaka’s North can become. The present goal of the firm and focused Atiq is to grow Dhaka into a clean, green, vibrant city, always full of life and light.
Atiq’s entire childhood, adolescence and youth was spent in Dhaka, which strengthens his diligence and sincerity to work for the city. He wishes to unite the city in realizing his vision. He’s a man who stands on the path of truth, not drawn to pleasure or luxury. The only thing that draws him is his determination to see his work through. And he wishes to bring this steely determination in completing the work that Late Mayor Annisul Huq started.
Atiq’s firmness and determination is something the country has already witnessed. In 2013 following the Rana Plaza Disaster, while the entire nation was shocked, Atiq stepped forward and fought for humanity. His dedication to the cause was not as the president of BGMEA but as a human being.

At the time following the tragedy, there were fears that foreign buyers would withdraw their business from the country. This would have collapsed Bangladesh’s biggest export-oriented industry and unemployed four million garment workers, affecting the country’s entire economy.

As president of BGMEA, Atiqul Islam kept a cool head and assured everyone that the quality of our products speaks for itself. He dedicated himself to successfully assure factory compliance to the buyers’ demands and the compensation and rehabilitation of the workers. His timely decision-making averted disasters for his industry and the economy of the country at large.

In 2014 Atiqul Islam started the Dhaka Apparel Summit, which attained huge success among foreign buyers and industry experts. He instated several hospitals around the city to ensure healthcare services for garments workers. Additionally, he mandated that every garments factory must employ at least two individuals in the autism spectrum.
In 2015, under the leadership of Atiqul Islam as president of Bangladesh Volleyball Federation, Bangladesh’s volleyball team were the champions at the Bangabandhu International Volleyball Tournament. This was the Bangladesh team’s first championship victory at an international volleyball tournament.

In line with his love for sports, Atiq is very conscientious about looking after one’s body and mind. He jogs regularly with his friends in Uttara’s Sector 4. He started the “Bangladesh Club” here for the people of the area to gather, chat and play sports and workout.


As BGMEA President (2013-2015):

  • circle-1 Played a significant role in eradicating child labor in the RMG sector
  • circle-1 Started the internationally renowned annual Dhaka Apparel Summit
  • circle-1 Established multiple hospitals in Dhaka for the treatment of garment workers
  • circle-1 Introduced mandatory quota for disabled at every garments factory


  • Let 2018 be the year we join hands
    To create a better Dhaka for us all.
    A vibrant, healthy city
    Always full of life and light.
  • Let 2018 be the year we join hands
    To create a better Dhaka for us all.
    A vibrant, healthy city
    Always full of life and light.


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